Sense of freedom and power

     “Spaciousness is closely associated with the sense of being free. Freedom implies space; it means having the power and enough room in which to act. Being free has several levels of meaning.”  This quote can be interpreted in many different ways. Taken from chapter five of “Space and Place” by Yi-Fu Tuan, it has given readers such as myself a chance to expand our minds and use creativity and relate to situations of being free or having power.

     Tuan describes these elders, prisoners, and infants as individuals that “cannot, or have lost their ability to, move freely” (52). When people think of infants, they are limited to the amount of space they have. A child in general explores and tries to test their limit. Elders in the other hand, can have as much space but “Space seems to close in” (52). With their difficult in moving around within the space, the elders are complete opposites. I like the example Tuan uses where if a child sees a flight of stairs, as energetic as they are, they see it as an ‘invitation’ to run up and down. For elders, they see it as a barrier and thinks wisely about their approach for the flight of stairs.  

     Another example that Tuan mentions is the use of tools and machines for males. Many may assume that Men tend to take control and see it as a way to be a compelling figure within the space given. Using tools and machines can help men expand their resources and increase their liability from a female perspective. An example is sports cars, because it “responds to the driver’s slightest wish. It opens up a world of speed, air and movement” (53). The most interesting aspect of this is many males can and will agree to that.  

     And finally, Tuan mentions Space being valued as a sense of privacy. The more room one has, the more privacy one gets. An example that represents a sense of privacy can be taken from “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. Harry was living in a small room, which happened to be below the staircase. He does not only hear everyone’s footstep every time one walks up and down the stairs, but his uncle makes sure he has no privacy with others in the outside world. That is until Harry snuck out of his house and arrived into Hogwarts. In the sense of being free, it gave him the power to move freely and use his broom like it was a sports car to explore the spacious land of Hogwarts.

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