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                In Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery”, a tradition was introduced when all the people in the small town village gathered and participate in which seems to be a popular event. At first, the tradition known as the “lottery” seemed to be like any lottery. Like most readers assumed, it was an event where people take a risk in hope to gain something from it. But as the story unveiled itself, the black box was introduced as the fate of the people in the village. It symbolizes the fear of change without going against authority or even challenging why it has even been this way. This so called tradition that has been continuously going on seems to be affecting people internally. The youth was the epitome of the whole village who did not understand what was going on, what purpose was served, and if it was morally right to pile up stones to hurt the selected individual picked in the Lottery.

                Billy and Davy Hutchinson showed significant representation of the people in the village. Tessie Hutchinson, who was the wife of Billy, was the one holding the paper with a black dot, signifying she was the selected one in the Lottery. The fact that Billy threw stones at his own wife represented the people in this village. It demonstrated they were naïve, reckless, and showed no remorse to their own people in their own village. Billy and Davy show that they are corrupted by society and have no particular emotions toward their own family member. As innocent as Davy is, he represent the youth that clearly was brainwashed by this society.

                Stories like these create a curious mindset. At first, when I read this short story, it really did not make much sense. I reread it and understanding the chaos in a particular village such as this one made me realize how corrupt people can be at times. In one of my classes, I have read an article called “The Mountain People” by Colin M. Turnbull that shows the exactly correlation in terms of how individuals interact with one another. Turnbull was one a Anthropologist explained the tribe called IK and their standard of living. The people in the village were scrutinized heavily by Turnbull and raised many questions. Were these people savages, or that is their way of living? Can we blame the IK for living this way, to care only for themselves and to purposely not rescue an individual who is dying just to save a pint of water? Very much like this short story, The Lottery, we have to understand the perspective of the youth. But although they were raised this way, the question is did they have a choice?

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