Last blog/comment- “Walking” by Henry David Thoreau

In the passage “Walking” by Henry David Thoreau, wilderness and civilization is two main themes that are brought up to his attention. He speaks for wilderness and the old world as an effort on preservation of nature. It is important to take Henry Thoreau’s criticism of society seriously and not take it for granted. Human’s role in nature has been criticized for its lack of efforts in trying to preserve nature. Every aspect in human culture in this era revolves around the modernized use of technology due to the significant changes in this industrialized world.

Thoreau is coming from the perspective of supporting the old world; nature. After the Revolutionary war, America has become the new world where industrial changes had great affect in its futures’ building and planning. “I am a good horse to travel, but not from choice a roadster. The landscape-painter uses the figures of men to mark a road. He would not make that use of my figure” (Thoreau 265). This quote I found most interesting by Thoreau because it portray his views as a profound philosopher and a real naturalist. The quote explains that he is constantly escaping civilization. Although the landscape painter designed this path for society, Thoreau has his own views and opinions that differ from the mainstream. Heading into a world of modernization, it seems to be difficult to disagree because as a society, we are advancing and becoming more knowledgeable as a unit. Thoreau is trying to say that it is the best ideal for society. We are living in a world today where America does offer us to live differently and think differently but we as humans are becoming more dependent, relying on the new world’s lifestyle of not learning how to do things manually. Living in the old world allows us to experience the life of nature and appreciate the gratitude of nature’s blessings. The Amish are a great example of a community where they believe that their reluctance to adopt the new world’s lifestyle. It proves that they cherish nature’s blessing and believes that it is only right to preserve the world.

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